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Do you formulate products that include solvents for sale into the consumer market?

Are you involved in assessing substances for REACH?

Do you need to understand how to assess safe handling of solvents for consumer uses?

The European Solvents Industry Group ESIG invites you to join a free webinar which will introduce you to their excel-based consumer safety assessment tool ‘EGRET’ Generic Exposure Scenario (GES) Risk and Exposure Tool*.
EGRET can be used to estimate consumer exposures to typical products containing solvents such as cleaning agents, paints, adhesives, and carries out an assessment of the risk to check for safe use.
ESIG pioneered and developed EGRET to facilitate the safety evaluation of consumer uses of solvents, as required by the EU REACH Regulation.

This will be of particular interest to:

  • REACH Consortia members involved in carrying out Chemical Safety Assessments of solvents and solvent-like products for consumer applications under REACH
  • Consultants preparing Chemical Safety Assessments for solvents and solvent-like products
  • Formulators of consumer products that contain solvents
*Launched in 2010, this tool is a refinement of the ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) tool for assessing consumer uses of chemicals to take

account of the typical habits and practices of people using solvent containing products for domestic purposes. This exposure and risk assessment tool has now been updated to improve its basis and interface, offer greater functionality and make it more flexible in its application. For more information on the tool please go to the GES section

Registration is required in order to access the GES Consumer files.


Start: 7 April 2016
End: 7 April 2016
ESIG - European Solvents Industry Group

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Brussels